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Tuesday, January 21

Watch the creative process live (OK - nearly live!)

Last week Brandon Sanderson donated some of his time to stream his writing process live.

For the worldbuilders charity he offered to stream himself writing and share with people the process that he goes through.

The result is a really interesting piece of footage as you can go through the creative process with Sanderson.  throughout the video you can see how he creates characters and plot ideas (with the help of his online audience) and then transfers the ideas to prose. His editing process and approach are there on the screen and it is fun to go through it with him.

Throughout the 4(!)  hours of the video he takes breaks to answer questions from people who are watching the stream live and also interact with his family and pets who interrupt him.

We worth checking out - especially if you are a fan of his work but even if you are not it is always good to see how others approach the writing process.

Watch it here.


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