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Friday, November 2

Got your backup?

As someone who recently lost several thousand words to to the dreaded blue screen of death a.k.a hard disk failure, this is a gentle reminder to all of you to check your work is backed up?

Flash or thumb drives are pretty cheap these days but run the risk of being eaten by the dog, lost in the black hole that exists between couch cushions or used as a teether by your toddler.

An easy way to backup manuscripts is to email them to yourself - chapter by chapter and then depending upon your email supplier, you will have them for years.

Alternatively there is cloud storage - gmail users already have access to GDrive (formerly known as Google Documents) which comes with 5GB of free, instant cloud storage.

Not to be left out Microsoft offers up 7GB of free storage with Skydrive. Again those of you with hotmail accounts should be able to get this straight away.

For others check out what your email provider already has on offer - or look at something like DropBox. This service comes with an initial 2GB free storage and could be argued as the initial trend setter for the others to follow.

So do yourself a favour and make sure you backups are up to date! Its easier than you think!


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