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Thursday, April 12

St Albans Literary Dinner - 3rd May

   We got a note in our inbox about the following literary dinner on the 3rd of May.

Could well be worth a look!

Award winning author Isabel Ashdown will be giving her insight into being a writer and
sharing her own story of how she became a writer.

Local restaurant Lussmannns will be providing a 3 course meal and we are looking forward to
an evening of conversation with good company and fine food.
More details about the evening can be found at www.persuasionevents.com

Tickets cost £35 and can be booked here:

The event has been organised to raise awareness and funds for children's charity the
National Association for Children Of Alcoholics (Nacoa) - I hope that you will support us in our efforts
and that we will see some of your members on the evening.


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