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Wednesday, April 25

Next Meeting - 10th May 2012

Hi All,

Due to several members being unavailable on the 26th April we will not be holding a meeting this week.

In addition some members will be attending the Literary Dinner at St Albans town hall on the 3rd May so we will not be holding a meeting next week either. (At the time of writing tickets still available - click on the link above for details.)

However normal service will be resumed on the 10th May. Keep an eye on this blog for details and enjoy the extra writing time!!

Wednesday, April 18

Next Meeting - Thursday April 19th

Hi All,
         We will be meeting this week at the White Hart Hotel in St Albans from 7.30 p.m.

Normal format: manuscript review and general catchup.

Hope your writing is going well and we will see you there!

Sunday, April 15

The Times - Childrens Fiction Competition

The Times Newspaper and Chicken House publishers have teamed up again to launch their children's novel competition for 2013.

Chicken House is run by Barry Cunningham (the chap that discovered J.K Rowling) who I had the pleasure of hearing speak at the 2012 Get Writing Conference.
He seemed like he would be a good person to work with so it is worth looking into. Oh and the winner gets £10K in prize money and a publishing contract.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the link and finish that novel!

Thursday, April 12

St Albans Literary Dinner - 3rd May

   We got a note in our inbox about the following literary dinner on the 3rd of May.

Could well be worth a look!

Award winning author Isabel Ashdown will be giving her insight into being a writer and
sharing her own story of how she became a writer.

Local restaurant Lussmannns will be providing a 3 course meal and we are looking forward to
an evening of conversation with good company and fine food.
More details about the evening can be found at www.persuasionevents.com

Tickets cost £35 and can be booked here:

The event has been organised to raise awareness and funds for children's charity the
National Association for Children Of Alcoholics (Nacoa) - I hope that you will support us in our efforts
and that we will see some of your members on the evening.

Wednesday, April 11

Next Meeting - 12th April 2012

Hi All,
       Our next meeting is on Thursdsay 12th April at the normal place, the White Hart Hotel.

Usual time - 7.30 p.m for manuscript review and catchup.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 4

No meeting this week

Hi all - just a reminder we are on a break from manuscript review this week due to the Easter break.

Normal service will be resumed after Easter so watch this space for details.

Until then - enjoy the bank holiday weekend!

Sunday, April 1

For the love of..Maps..

Do you need to research that historical romance novel or get some inspiration for a slipstream or steampunk story? Perhaps you need to create a map for your fantasy novel and need some inspiration.

Oldmapsonline is a useful resource to help you with that.

Also strange maps on the think big site has some interesting ones - perhaps not all accurate but an interesting spin on things that might lead to a story idea.

As always - hope the links above help you with your writing in some way.

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