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Tuesday, December 20

Have a Great Holiday Season

Just a little note from us over here at the Watling Street Writers.

We are having a break for a few weeks over the holiday season and returning in mid-January. (See the programme page for details.)

In any case we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a happy, prosperous and productive New Year!

Take care, keep writing and see you in 2012!

Wednesday, December 7

Next Meeting - Thursday 8th December

Hi All,

This week we will gracing the White Hart Hotel with our presence from 7.30 p.m.

Look for us downstairs in a quiet corner of the bar. (Upstairs is booked up this week.)

Usual format: Manuscript Review and Catch up.

Hope to see you there as it is our last regular meeting of 2011!

Tuesday, December 6

Know Your Onions?

Are you often caught out by the historical accuracy of what your characters are eating in your stories? Have you suggested that William the Conqueror feasted on roast potatoes after the Battle of Hastings or that Shakespeare enjoyed a nice pepperoni pizza now and again?

If so you should check out the Food Timeline. It will set you straight on what food was available when and also give you countless links to other articles, websites and even recipes so that you can get the right food in your fiction.


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