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Tuesday, November 22

Fresh Eyes Needed?

Most writers are a big fan of letting your work go cold. Leaving it for as long a period as possible before reading it again and editing or revising the work.

There are some other options for helping you do this. One common idea is to read your work out aloud (writing groups are great for doing this!)

Another idea is to change the font style or size of your work and read it again. This will help distance you from your original work and thus help you read it as if it was fresh to you.

Taking this a step further is using different colours for different sections of the manuscript. Red for dialogue, green for action etc. You can then take a helicopter view of the work and spot which sections have too much dialogue or not enough or which are bogged down by description and need an action injection. See Cristin Terrills approach here. She shows how useful it can be.

Hope one of these works for you and good luck with that second draft!


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