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Tuesday, September 6

Get Your Geek On: Worksheets for Fantasy Characters

In the last post I put a few links up about using various character questionnaires and sites that you might find useful to visit for hints and tips on creating characters.

I have had a go and found them useful, in one case finding a plot idea hidden in the answers to some of the character questions. One downside is that the questionnaires I linked to were mostly aimed at contemporary fiction (mostly romantic) and therefore some of the sections were not that useful for my current project; a fantasy novel.

With that in mind I snooped around a little to see if there were any specific resources for sci-fi/fantasy character creation. Of course many character traits are the same for protagonists based in Middle Earth or Middlesex.  However, there will undoubtedly be a few areas that will be different; magic, class, race, species, technological level, special abilities. (I could go on but I am in danger of nerding myself out!)

 A fantasy slant on the character questionnaire can be found here at creative-writing-now.

Another approach can be found at superhero nation (a site full of content about writing generally across all genres but specialising in superhero fiction. There is a huge amount of great content there -I recommend you take the time to look around.)

So check out these links, get your geek on and make your fantasy characters stand out. Good Luck!


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