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Tuesday, September 27

Feeling Tense about your Writing?

Do your readers sometimes struggle with the tense in your story? Do you have difficulty understanding the difference between your past participle and your past perfect tense? 

(Were you having difficulty or did you have difficulty?! Confused? I know I am.)

However there are a few web-wise resources to get you back on track.

Danyelle Leafty has some introductory thoughts here which is worth a look if you don't have a lot of time to spare.

If you want to really get stuck in check out Corey J. Popp. He has more to say on the subject, along with some diagrams that make my head hurt!

Finally there is a good summary over at Fantasy Faction. Lots of examples to review in their arcticle Relax, its only Tense.

Do you have any other tips on tense?


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