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Monday, August 8

The Web Generation

Modern life is a busy one. We all know how hard it is to find the time to create literary gold but with all the distractions of modern life come some advantages.

One such is the number of generators that are out there on the net. Web pages that will create random names, places, things and even plot points for you. All resources that may inspire or help you on your way with your latest masterpiece.

Web Generation for the web generation. (See what I did there?)

So you need the name of a chinese resteraunt in your story. (Lets face it - who doesn't?). Look no further. Serendipity has one here alongside castle creators, name generators and other world building tools.

Seventh sanctum also has a host of different generators as does Chris Pounds name generation page.

If you want a one line plot point then look here. It might just give you that twist you were looking for.

For those of you who like a visual reference of your character, try these hero generators.
Fantasy heroes, superheroes, zombies and even rockstars can be created for you to add to your novel scrapbook. (Note these need a bit of bandwidth to load up so not sure how well they work on a smartphone. Its also really nerdy.)

Finally another geeky one with a slick interface for creating spells, beasties and places is the Forge.

As always hope you find something useful or inspiring in the above!


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