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Wednesday, July 20

To Plot or not to Plot

So I'm writing a novel. I have to admit I am a planner, a plotter, an outliner. I'm a big fan of the 'don't get it right get it written' approach but I also think I need a bit of direction to help me know where I am going.

Elmore Leonard is famous for just writing without a great deal of planning but it doesn't work for me. So in one of many moments where I do anything to avoid actually writing I was glad to come across a couple of useful plotting tools.

In Kait Nolan's blog she has something called her 'novel notebook', essentially a novel or story outline for you to fill in that will help you in your planning. Check it out or download it here.

A slightly different approach is Notecarding which I found on Holly Lisle's site.

Both of the above sites have a vast amount of useful information about writing and are well worth a visit. In addition they both link on to many other useful writing blogs and sites but be careful if like me you are easily distracted!

Hope you might find one of the above approaches useful - I'd be interested to hear if they work for you or if you have a different approach to story planning.

Good Luck!


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