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Monday, January 31

Comedy Script Competition (BBC Laughing Stock)

For all of you who think there is a lack of funny sitcoms on British television, now could be your chance to change thinsg for the better..

Take a look at this laughing stock competition from the BBC Writersroom looking for initial sitcom and possible series for anyone who fancies their chances at scriptwriting.

Cosing date is February 21st 2011.

The BBC is worth checking out for other writing/script opportunities from time to time and also for the chance to download scripts so you can have a look at how established scriptwriters do it. The also operate a free email newsletter.

Tuesday, January 25

Mystery writing competition

Win a laptop and a writing course. Up to 7,500 murder mystery story - but the deadline is Jan 31st! Might be good to send something in if you happen to have a story lying around?


Monday, January 24

Next Meeting 27th January 2011

Good to see so many people at the meeting on the 20th, especially a few faces we have no seen for a while..

Next week's meeting will be held at the Friends House from 7.30 p.m NOT the White Hart Hotel.

We will be focussing on description so please bring along copies of some descriptive text you particularly like (not written by yourself!) and descriptive text written by yourself.

Given the length of time we have 7.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m we will be looking to limit the amount of text read out to one page per piece.

If possible please bring copies for others to read.

Time allowing we will be able to discuss the published text and also the work of the attendees.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, January 20

Examples of Bad Prose

Admittedly sci-fi related - where you can find all the best examples of.. e..experimental prose. Click here for a random sample - it will cheer you up when you are struggling to polish your own perfect sentences!

My favourite example the last time I looked is below...

'Somehow, the mackerel paté of memory had escaped its wrapper, skipped its kitchen dish, and turned into a flickering silver shoal, darting and twisting in terror against an empty darkness.' ('Gabriel King', The Wild Road, 1997)

Monday, January 17

Next Meeting - Thursday 20th January 2011

Firstly let me say a big thankyou to Niki for hosting us last week.

Great food, comfortable environment and also some quality manuscripts to review. The highlight has to be Jane's short play - the acting of which was BAFTA winning stuff.

Perhaps there is more scope for playwriting (and acting!) in the coming programme of events?

In any case this week's meeting will be back at the White Hart on Thursday at 7.30 p.m.

It is a normal manuscript evening - look forward to seeing you then...

Monday, January 10

Tips on Manuscript Presentation

Sue Moorcroft has a very interesting article on her blog which gives some practical hints on manuscript formatting and presentation.

Find the page on her blog (worth a visit for other bits of info) or follow this link to take you straight there...


Next Meeting - Thursday 13th January 2011

All as the White Hart is booked next Thursday - Niki has kindly offered to host us at her house.

If you need directions please email her.

The night will be a normal manuscript night - for those of you that still have 'New Beginnings' work that did not get read out last week, feel free to bring that along!

See you there from 7.30 pm.

Wednesday, January 5

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all - I hope your New Year resolutions include writing more and also maybe coming along to the Watling Street Writers meetings for friendly encouragement and a review of your work.

The next meeting is at the White Hart Hotel on Thursday the 6th January from 7.30 p.m - I hope to see you there!

As per normal we will be upstairs (underneath the hanging skeleton!)

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