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Sunday, October 31

Shortlisted for Circalit Competition

Lara has been shortlisted for her story The Real Me in the Broken Identities competition on Circalit.

You have to register with the website to view it but that will also mean you can upload your own work to the website should you so wish.

Lara's entry was shortlisted out of over 200 entries for which the standard was described as 'extremly high' by the judges - so congratulations to Lara for being adding to our growing list of success stories!

Tuesday, October 19

Fiction Markets

Hi there - I stumbled upon this resource today and found it hard not to spend too much time delving through the vast amount of data in it.

In any case if you are looking for a fiction market then this website provides daily updated lists of many markets and details them by how much they pay, how fast they respond, whether they respond personally etc.

Looks like a productive way to spend your lunch hour and could be helpful if you have that one piece of fiction you have yet to find a home for...!

Anyway..check out Doutrope's Digest and get submitting!

Friday, October 15

Next Meeting 21st October 2010

Thanks to Austin and Rosemary for hosting us last night. A very enjoyable evening, being plied with food and drink definately helps the manuscript reading process!

Next week as we are still homeless from the White Hart Hotel, we will be back at theBlack Lion in Fishpool street. It will be a normal manuscript evening.

For those of you interested some themed work we are looking to read out suitably spooky manuscripts on the 28th October so you have a fortnight to work on anything ghostly/horror related. You may find some inspiration here, home of spooky urban myths.

See you soon,


Tuesday, October 12

Next Meeting 14th October

Once again we are on the move, having gone back to our origins at the Black Lion, this week we will be at the Guest's. (Please email us for details if you need their address.)

It is a normal manuscript review meeting so please feel free to bring along any finished work or work in progress.

Going forward you should be able to find us by using the programme page above - it lists where we are planning to be, week by week.

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, October 8

Not one winner but two!!

In Watling Street Writers' continued efforts for global competition domination I am delighted to announce that both Kat and Austin were winners of the Milton Keynes Romance Competition.

Kat won first prize for her short story Twenty Million Trees.
Austin won third prize for his story Making Things Happen.

Follow the link above to see Kat's winning entry.

Kat's win can also be seen in the local news.

Congratulations once again to you both!!

Thursday, October 7

Meeting on the 7th October

Apologies for the late posting on this one but we have a different location for tonight.

We will be abck in the Black Lion, St Albans from 7-7:30.

(We will be the people reading out in hushed tones so as not to spook the diners around us.)

Hope to see you there!

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