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Friday, September 17

Competitions Closing Soon

Looking for inspiration or something to focus your energies on over the next few weeks?

Here are a selection of some competitions closing over the next 6 weeks or so. Nothing like a looming deadline to get you motivated!

Writing Magazine September Issue: Closing Date 15th October. Note is a postal submission rather than email/online. Short Fiction 1500-1700 words. Prizes: £200, £50. £4 Entry or £3 for subscribers.
....develop an interesting short story which begins with the line: ‘We’ve been here before,’ said a voice Mary was sure she recognised.

Flashstories.net Quarterly Flash Fiction Competition. Closing Date 31st October. Entries are online or by post and need to be no longer than 500 words. Prize: £500. £5 entry. Note that the judge is the editor of Dark Tales so stories may have to a little more speculative than not..

Leaf Books Teeny Weeny Writing and Drawing Competition. Closing Date 31st October...
EITHER writing that is no longer than 140 characters, which includes letters, spaces and punctuation, (not the title but don't make that more than 30 characters) OR a piece of black and white art no bigger than half a post card. Obviously you can send both, but as separate entries. Prize: £75. £2 Entry.


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