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Wednesday, September 29

Meeting on the 30th September

All - as we are unable to use the White Hart this week we thought we would have a little outing instead.

Therefore rather than do a normal manuscript evening we will be meeting at the normal time (7.30 pm) outsiode the Alban Arena to visit the annual St Albans beer festival.

You can either treat it as a social outing or an opportinity to flex your creative muscle by finding new ways to describe the colour, taste and smell of the different drinks on offer!

Hope to see you there!!

If you were looking to bring work along to the manuscript evening to be reviewed then please take the opportunity to upload your work to the members area (link above) and receive some online comments.

Saturday, September 25

Meeting on the 23rd September

By all accounts the meeting on Thursday was small...but perfectly formed!

Next week we will be meeting at a different venue as the White Hart is booked. Watch this space for an update..

Wednesday, September 22

Next Meeting 23rd September 2010

Will be meeting tomorrow night at the White Hart Hotel, St Albans from 7.30 or a little earlier if you want!

A normal manuscript evening so please bring along anything you want to read out.

Nano, micro, flash fiction to poetry short stories or plot outlines. We will happily feedback on all!

Saturday, September 18

Paying Short Story Markets

I was planning to compile a big list of paying markets for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror short stories and discovered these lists already available on the net. Surely one of them will want my story about the taxidermist who wears his neighbour's skin as a suit. No...?

Some of these lists are a bit out of date and not all the links work, but they're a good place to start.

Short story markets in general: http://www.jbwb.co.uk/markets.html

Sci-Fi markets: http://scifi.fictionfactor.com/markets.html

Fantasy: http://fantasy.fictionfactor.com/markets.html

Horror: http://horror.fictionfactor.com/fiction.html

Erotica: http://erotica.fictionfactor.com/markets.html

Mystery/Thriller, Mainstream/Literary, Humor, Romance and Erotica Markets: http://www.fictionfactor.com/fiction1.html

Friday, September 17

Competitions Closing Soon

Looking for inspiration or something to focus your energies on over the next few weeks?

Here are a selection of some competitions closing over the next 6 weeks or so. Nothing like a looming deadline to get you motivated!

Writing Magazine September Issue: Closing Date 15th October. Note is a postal submission rather than email/online. Short Fiction 1500-1700 words. Prizes: £200, £50. £4 Entry or £3 for subscribers.
....develop an interesting short story which begins with the line: ‘We’ve been here before,’ said a voice Mary was sure she recognised.

Flashstories.net Quarterly Flash Fiction Competition. Closing Date 31st October. Entries are online or by post and need to be no longer than 500 words. Prize: £500. £5 entry. Note that the judge is the editor of Dark Tales so stories may have to a little more speculative than not..

Leaf Books Teeny Weeny Writing and Drawing Competition. Closing Date 31st October...
EITHER writing that is no longer than 140 characters, which includes letters, spaces and punctuation, (not the title but don't make that more than 30 characters) OR a piece of black and white art no bigger than half a post card. Obviously you can send both, but as separate entries. Prize: £75. £2 Entry.

Blow My Own Trumpet

Well done to me for achieving a small step on the way to world publishing domination..

I managed to get picked for the August selection of the Dirty Dozen, a micro fiction competition run by the Vestal Review.

To enjoy more innuendo or to view my entry follow the links above.

Monday, September 13

Next Meeting 16th September 2010

Hi All - this week we will be again meeting in the White Hart Hotel, Holywell Hill, St Albans.

It is a regular manuscript/ideas review meeting.

We will be in a room above the bar (go through the door marked 'Toilets' and up to the Residents' Bar).

The meeting starts at 7.30 p.m.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, September 10

Stuck with your plot?

Stumbled upon this site whilst in the midst of a huge writing avoidance excercise.

You have to love the magic of the interweb - a struggling writer in St Albans can watch a plot guru in California and get some much needed inspiration to keep going.

Its fun - the plot whisperer gives some bite size advice on plotting - with useful examples from classical and contemporary stories.


Plot Whisperer Video Tutorials

Monday, September 6

Emotion and Scene-Setting Thesaurus

Interesting web site with lots of ideas on how to convey emotion in a non-telling way, plus some good scene-setting descriptions.

thebookshelfmuse - showing anger

Scroll down and check out the lists on the right of the page to find more examples.

Friday, September 3

Next Meeting 9th September 2010

Thanks to those who turned up last night and brought work along to read out.

Next week we have a change of venue - just to keep you on your toes!

We will be at the White Hart Hotel, St Albans from 7.30.

We will be in a room upstairs from the main bar.

Look forward to seeing you there and trying out a new venue!

Wednesday, September 1

Next Meeting 2nd September 2010

Apologies for the late posting!

Good to see so many at the Duke of Marlborough last week. Some good debate around the Watling Street Writers future logo and discussion on several ongoing projects.

We will be there again on the 2nd September so if you are in or around St Albans we hope to see you there.

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