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Tuesday, July 20

I Write Like...

Copy and paste a chunk of your writing into this site and it will let you know what famous author you most closely resemble in style.

An attempt to trick the site with a published novel extract came back with the result that Stephen King writes like...Stephen King. I actually think this web site might just be smarter than your average human.

So I got pasting my own books and am pleased that one story was most similar to Margaret Atwood, who just so happens to be my favourite author. Although a tweet by Margaret Atwood revealed the site thinks she writes like Stephen King. So does that mean I write more like Margaret Atwood than Margaret Atwood? Also got one which was like Ray Bradbury and another Ursula Le Guin. Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.


Paul said...

Ha Ha. Loving this site although for the 3 bits I put in I got James Joyce (random), Dan Brown and Arthur C. Clarke....!

Kat said...

Dan Brown. Oh dear...

Paul said...

I know...the shame!

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