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Saturday, July 31

Congratulations to shortlisted members

We're going to be published the success stories from WSW members on this web site. So far, we've had a couple of people shortlisted in competitions and will soon be announcing our first published member.

Belated congratulations to Paul who was shortlisted by Writing Magazine for his Sherlock Holmes story and to Austin, who was shortlisted by Writers' Forum.

Check back here for more success stories soon to be making their way onto the shelves in WHSmiths...


I am new to writing. I decided last year to to take up a hobby and decided to join the creative writing class held at Oaklands College in St Albans. I found I really enjoyed the writing process and was surprised at the positive feedback I received. From the writing course the watling Street Writers emerged and I am currently secretary (posh term for the one that sends out all the e mails!). I concentrate on short stories at present as I continue my writing learning curve and feel that I have yet to discover my writing genre. I now have the distinction of being rejected by both the magazines I've sent work to.

Friday, July 30

Next Meeting 5th August 2010

Thanks so much to Helen for hosting last night's manuscript evening at her home. Excellent food, drink and company made for a memorable eveninhg.

Next week the group will return to the Duke of Marlborough for a normal manuscript evening. Catch us in the usual place, in the function room through the back of the patio.

Friday, July 23

Writing Workshop - 22nd July 2010

The Watling Street Writers first worskhop was a great success. Thanks go out to our first guest, Sue Moorcroft, for helping us to improve our characterisation and interview our alter egos!

It was also great to meet the members of the Tring Writers' Circle who also travelled over to St Albans on a very rainy night to take part in the event.

We are looking forward to future joint ventures with Tring and also having Sue back for another workshop later in the year.

Thanks to all who helped organise the event, setup the room and manage refreshments (especially those who baked!)

Tuesday, July 20

I Write Like...

Copy and paste a chunk of your writing into this site and it will let you know what famous author you most closely resemble in style.

An attempt to trick the site with a published novel extract came back with the result that Stephen King writes like...Stephen King. I actually think this web site might just be smarter than your average human.

So I got pasting my own books and am pleased that one story was most similar to Margaret Atwood, who just so happens to be my favourite author. Although a tweet by Margaret Atwood revealed the site thinks she writes like Stephen King. So does that mean I write more like Margaret Atwood than Margaret Atwood? Also got one which was like Ray Bradbury and another Ursula Le Guin. Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.

Monday, July 19


Co-chair of the group, Gemma is working on a dark SciFi-style novel as well as short stories in a variety of genres. She likes to dabble in poetry from time to time. Living outside St Albans, Gemma rarely gets to drink at group gatherings, much to her disdain.

Friday, July 16

Next Meeting 29th July 2010

Morning all
Hope everyone is well. Good to see so many last night and to welcome back an old face who has been away.
Please remember that there is NO cricle meeting next week (22nd July 2010) It is the characterisation workshop at the Friends House in Upper latimore Road.
We will be sending out a separate e mail with details of entry etc but we would ask that you try and arrive bewteen 7pm and 7.20pm. The workshop is due to start at 7.30 and there is setting up to do first.
There will be tea and coffee available. If anyone feels like baking and bringing something along please do so (approx 21 people).
By the way for those who haven't yet done so, please try and update your bio's on the website.
See you all next week

Friday, July 9

Next Meeting 15th July 2010

Morning all
Just a few things to mention this week.
Starting with the homework, could everyone please come on to to the website and put in some details about yourself, ie interests, what kind of thing you write or read, just a bit of a bio. if you've had anything published, about to be published, shortlisted etc please include this.
If you're not sure how to access the website please contact Kat who will provide the link.
Secondly, if you or anyone you know has any artistic leanings and would like to have a go at creating a logo for the group please do so. Obviously it would need to incorporate the letters WSW.
Happy writing and hopefully see you all next Thursday

Thursday, July 8


Joint Treasurer, i.e. gets to use Excel as well as Word. Distrustful of calculators. Can still do times tables and long division. Still possesses a slide rule but has forgotten how to use much of it. Hobbies include operating ATMs and ordering from Amazon.


Joint treasurer and former Oaklands College Creative Writing student. Originally from the North West, Lara moved to St Albans in 2006 after 9 years in London. Genres of interest include modern fiction, travel, drama and romance.

Monday, July 5


Currently co-chair of the group and both surprised and a bit nervous about that much responsibility, Paul is a St Albans based father of three who constantly strives to find the time to write. When he does he works on his current children's fantasy novel or competitions in any genre.

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