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Saturday, March 20


Kat is an occassional visitor/ex-member and generally writes steampunk short stories and novels, often involving talking birds. By day, she's a research scientist who'd love to model herself on Dr Frankenstein if that sort of thing wasn't frowned upon.


Admin said...

Try writing about yourself in second person. That can be really fun!

Well done on a good looking blog site - really liked the tree with all the books hanging from the beanches.

Admin said...


Last post was mine but forgot to sign it (the group who attended the class will tell you about my superb IT skills). As I said - really good looking blog site.

Will people randomly surfing the net come across it if they type in "writing" or "writers groups" or something like that?

Best wishes


SPH Young said...

Looks good. What are the boundaries for admins and general users?

Kat said...

Nick: Eventually, we will show up on Google etc. but it takes a while to get listed. Probably will aim for stuff like 'st albans writers group' as that's what will get us new people.

Writing about myself in 2nd person is simply wrong, although I do like to talk to myself occassionally.

Sean: What kind of boundariers are you interested in? Being a blogging god, I get to modify everyone else's posts, while the rest of you can only post.

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